WRAPS presents the Ashcroft Canada Day 2020 “Road Show”!


In order celebrate the 153rd Birthday of Canada (July 01, 2020) in Ashcroft and yet do so in a manner that aligns with the necessity for safe social-distancing measures due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Winding Rivers Arts and Performance Society (WRAPS) has developed an innovative strategy – the Canada Day 2020 Road Show!

In years past WRAPS has hosted the annual Canada Day celebrations at one location in Ashcroft at which any number of the public were able to attend. However as most of us are aware it has been advised by the BC Medical Advisory Board that no more than 50 people be permitted to attend public events of any kind. So with the safety of the public in mind, but to also commemorate this important and auspicious occasion, WRAPS will be presenting this commemorative event at three different locations within the Village of Ashcroft!

An 8 foot by 20 foot flatbed truck, generously donated by Andy Anderson and Ashcroft Home Hardware, will be “decked out” as a mobile stage from which live music will be presented.

The stage will then be moved to 4 different locations in Ashcroft on Canada Day.  At each location the public can enjoy the singing of O Canada and great live music performed by local musicians Nadine Davenport, Brian Benner and Julia Hedge. As well free ice-cream will be served!

The first performance will take place at the Ashcroft Pool Park at 11:40 am. The truck will then move to the blue Bethlehem ore truck beside the Ashcroft Heritage Place Park where another commemoration ceremony will take place at 12:20 pm. Following that the stage will be moved to the parking lot of the Sage Hills Church on 1244 Mesa Vista Drive where the final ceremony will be held at 1:00 pm.

Please note that all Covid-19 safety requirements and protocols will be met during all of these events. If you are not feeling well, please stay home! One of these performances will be filmed and will be available to watch on the HUB Online Network’s YouTube channel.



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