Meet the Cast of “Shrek”!

Most of the cast “Shrek – The Musical Jr” consists of local youth – many of whom delighted us all with their appearance in WRAPS 2017 presentation of “Anne of Green Gables – The Musical”.  Mathias Sampson plays “Shrek”, and Sarah Onstine is his faithful sidekick “Donkey”. Gurunghai Benner-Tapia is “Princess Fiona”, Colin Mastin as Lord Farquaad, and Vivian McLean is the Dragon. The wonderful variety of fairy-tale and woodland creatures are played (mostly) by young children – many of them being in a theater production of this scale for the first time. Many of the children play multiple roles – appearing variously as “Fairytale Creatures” “Woodland Creatures” and as “Dulocians” (citizens of Duloc). A few other roles (the Guards/Story Tellers, two of the 3 not-so-little German-speaking pigs, and the Bishop) are fleshed out by more senior “children”. 

Matthias Sampson Shrek and Papa Ogre
Gaurangi Benner-Tapia Princess Fiona
Sarah Onstine Donkey
Colin Mastin Lord Farquaad
Alice Clement – Le Fevre Little Ogre, Dulocian and Woodland Creature
Artemisia Fabre Teen Fiona and Chorus
Cassie White Dulocian, Woodland Creature and Puss in Boots
Ciarah Child Dulocian and Woodland Creature
Danyka Pollard Baby Bear and Rat
David Dubois Little Pig
Erik Osborne Pinocchio
Eva Condin Little Pig, Dulocian and Woodland Creature
Evelyn White Captain of the Guards and Pied Piper
Gabby Kinvig Wicked Witch, Dulocian, Young Fiona and Woodland Creature
Jan Schmitz Bishop
Jillian Fredrickson Gingy and Woodland Creature
Jim McLean Little Pig
Kaden Child Rat and Dwarf
Kaeli Duchaine Rodrigue Ugly Duckling, Dulocian and Rat
Marina Papais Story Teller, Guard and Chorus
Mark Whitaker Big Bad Wolf and Dulocian
Nancy Duchaine Story Teller, Dulocian, Guard and Chorus
Payton Gerein-Anderson Peter Pan, Dulocian and Rat
Skyler Dubois Story Teller, Guard and Chorus
Skyler Hook Mama Bear, Dulocian and Rat
Vivian McLean Mama Ogre and Dragon

Don’t miss this fabulous, fantastic and heart-warming musical! Tickets are available now online or at the front office of the Ashcroft HUB! 

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