Let Your Freak Flag Fly!

WRAPS Community Theater is proud and delighted to bring everyone’s favorite green and gaseous ogre and his band of misfit fairytale friends to the live stage! 

Based on the popular Dreamworks Animation Studios movie “Shrek”,  Shrek – The Musical Jr. is a fun and fantastical flight of fancy featuring a multi-generational cast of local actors. From ages 6 and up (way up!) this cast of 20 plus brings to life the heartwarming and harrowing but hilarious adventures of Shrek and Donkey as they seek to find and free the beautiful Princess Fiona from her captivity in a dragon guarded castle! Of course the caustic green monster with the heart-of-gold believes he has undertaken this mission at the behest of the evil king-wannabe Lord Farqaad in order to get the reeking swamp he calls home back – but we all know that he is actually on the Universal Quest of the Heart … to find True Love!

Most of the cast consists of local youth – many of whom delighted us all with their appearance in WRAPS 2017 presentation of “Anne of Green Gables – The Musical”.  Mathias Sampson plays “Shrek”, and Sarah Onstine is his faithful sidekick “Donkey”. Gurunghai Benner-Tapia is “Princess Fiona”, Colin Mastin as Lord Farquaad, and Vivian McLean is the Dragon. The wonderful variety of fairy-tale and woodland creatures are played (mostly) by young children – many of them being in a theater production of this scale for the first time. A few other roles (the Guards/Story Tellers, two of the 3 not-so-little German-speaking pigs, and the loud and pompous Bishop) are fleshed out by more senior “children”. 

Shrek – The Musical Jr. abounds with quirky characters, wonderfully fun dialogue and one-liners and a delightful musical score.  The play is produced by the same outstanding team that has crafted so many of the now legendary WRAPS theater productions of the past. Mavourneen Varcoe-Ryan again steps into the role of Director (with the able assistance of Barbara Roden). Theresa Takacs (who did an outstanding job with “Anne of Green Gables”) is the Musical Director. The sets are again designed by Jim Duncan and will be erected by a veteran crew from past productions. Stage-management is again in the capable hands of the high-energy multi-tasker Jessica Clement. David Dubois will handle the all important stage-lighting, and Margaret Moreira again does her magic in finding and designing most of the wonderful costumes.

Shrek is a story about inner beauty and being true to who you really are. Of how goodness and courage and a true heart and a knack for exuberant flatulence can often save the day – and how the bad guys always get their just desserts (by becoming dragon dessert!). It is a tale of the ages for all ages.

Shrek – The Musical Jr. will be presented at the Ashcroft HUB. There will be a total of four public showings which will be held on:

FridayMarch  01 6:00 pm
SaturdayMarch 021:00 pm 
 Saturday March 02 6:00 pm
 Sunday  March 031:00 pm 

Tickets prices are $15 per adult and $10 per student (between the ages of 6 and 18). Children 5 and under are admitted free. Tickets will be available at the HUB front office or online.

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