Blithe Spirit – Setting the Stage!


It is an absolute fact if it were not for these dedicated volunteers working “behind the scenes” the “scenes” themselves would not exist! In front of the partially completed set are (back row left to right): Bob Simpson, Dale Lyon, Dan Collette and Ken Klassen. (front row left to right): David Dubois, Gloria Mertens, Al Mertens, Jim Duncan, Erik Poole, and Bruce Walker. One the other side of the camera: Jan Schmitz

This weekend Jim Duncan and his merry band of volunteers began the complex process of putting together the stage set and the wiring for the lights and sound for the upcoming WRAPS Community Theatre production of Noel Coward’s “Blithe Spirit”. Many of the components for the set had been either built previously or “re-imagined” from previous components used in past WRAPS Theatre productions.

The set itself will comprise only one “room” – that being the living room of author Charles Condomine and his wife Ruth. It will include a sofa and easy chair, a piano and and a gramophone as well as a couple of tables and various chairs and other ornamental pieces.

Lighting is a crucial aspect of any theatre production and for this play Jim Duncan with the able assistance of Dave Dubois are putting in place almost 20 lighting units to illuminate different areas of the stage during different scenes as well as setting mood and time of day. This is significantly more than any previous play done before and will do much to add to the ambience of the presentation.

The acoustics in the Ashcroft HUB gymnasium where the play is being held have never been better since the placement of several thick black curtains along the back and side walls, which can be rolled up when not in use. These “acoustic dampening panels” deaden at least 95% of the room echo making the dialogue on stage much easier to hear.

The cast of the play has been to this point rehearing in a converted classroom in the HUB, but will be using the new stage set for their final rehearsals during the week before opening night. One of these rehearsals will also incorporate a “tech rehearsal” in which all of the lighting and sound and other technical elements of the play will be tested, tweaked and fine tuned before opening night on Friday November 16.

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