The Canada Show! comes to Ashcroft

On the eve of Canada’s landmark 150th birthday WRAPS in conjunction with Monster Theatre is proud to present THE CANADA SHOW!

After several months of sold out shows and rave reviews on the Canadian Fringe Tour, THE CANADA SHOW is now coming to Ashcroft. The show delivers the COMPLETE history of Canada in a way we guarantee you’ve never quite seen it before!

Over a fast-paced hour, Monster Theatre takes you from the Bering Straight Theory to Jean Chrétien via sketch and song, with guest appearances by the likes of William Shatner, the Mackenzie Brothers, Jacques Cartier puppets and the who’s-on-first team of Cabot and Costello. Perfect for students and adults alike, its history as it should be – entertaining and enlightening.

“It’s History…without all the boring stuff!” – Edmonton’s Vue Weekly


In an action-packed sixty minutes, Monster Theatre takes you on a hysterically historical joy-ride through 50,000 years of Canada. Told from the point of view of three bickering historians—one English, one French, and one just trying to keep the whole thing together. Learn about parts of our history few knew existed, such as the Acadian Civil War, the problem with the Bering Straight Theory, and every single Prime Minister in our history! Including hits like the ‘who’s on first team of Cabot and Costello, the Jacques Cartier Puppets, Leonard Cohen’s ‘Nobody Knows’, A ‘Conscription’ Carol starring William Lyon MacKenzie King, the Chicks of Canada, the FLQ crisis as a Hockey Game and, of course, a giant dancing beaver! It’s history as it should be—entertaining and enlightening. – Surrey Civic Theater Review

In order to allow the audience to enjoy Canada’s wonderful Great Outdoors the show will be on the lawn (soccer field) beside the Ashcroft HUB. So bring your favorite blanky and lawn-chair and get set to celebrate Canada’s birthday the way we Canucks do best – through laughter and merriment and song!

Date: Friday, June 30th
Time: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm (no intermission)
Place: The Ashcroft HUB – 711 Hill Street, Ashcroft BC
Tickets: $20 at the door – pre-sale tickets TBA

This show is suitable for children.