Claude Bourbon – Spanish Blues guitar

WRAPS is proud and excited to have the opportunity to bring to Ashcroft/Cache Creek the brilliant, world renowned guitarist Claude Bourbon!

Ready for a unique and talented take on a wide range of musical traditions? Claude Bourbon is known throughout Europe and America for amazing guitar performances that take blues, Spanish, MIddle Eastern and Russian stylings into uncharted territories. Each year Bourbon plays more than 100 shows around the world.

One reviewer even noted that although “Claude’s roots were in blues, that is like saying Leonardo da Vinci was a painter”.  Intrigued?

This French-born guitarist grew up in Switzerland where for a time he was classically trained, but he soon felt the need to explore the guitar without the limitations of written music and delved headlong into folk, blues, jazz and rock music. Now based in the UK, he has become a world-renowned player, highly acclaimed for his finger-picking style—plucking, picking and strumming at such speed that his fingers seem to appear just as a blur.

You will not want to miss this extraordinary opportunity to enjoy the music of this outstanding and technically flawless musician.

Monday, April 24th at 7:00 pm at the Crossroads Pentecostal Church in Cache Creek.