From “My Fair Lady” to “Eva Cassidy” – local singers shine!

Seven extremely talented Ashcroft and Cache Creek residents (with one exception – more on that later) have been invited by Cayla Brooke to join her on stage to sing 3 songs during her “Eva Cassidy: How Can I Keep From Singing” show coming to Cache Creek in April!

Ms. Brookes’, the star of this 7 member tribute to the late Eva Cassidy, routinely encourages local singers to perform a few songs with her when presenting her show.  When she asked the Winding Rivers Arts and Performance Society if there are any people in are area who have the vocal chops to do a few numbers with her, we gave her an enthusiastic and definitive YES!  One needs look no further than our own Sage Sound Singers Choir to find a veritable plethora of extraordinary ensemble experienced singers.

Choir member Theresa Tacaks, a singing instructor and vocal coach in her own right, has taken on the challenge of recruiting and rehearsing with a group of six other singers in preparation for this event.  All are from Ashcroft and Cache Creek and are members of the Sage Sound Singers choir, and were all part of the “choral” singers in the recent WRAPS Community Theater production of My Fair Lady.  Indeed Theresa, along with Sage Sound Singers musical director Michelle Reid, was instrumental in coaching and preparing all the singers for the challenges of performing in that play.

The exception to the ‘local’ designation is Gerald Young – who hails from Kamloops, but whom we first met when he endeared us all to him with his fantastic performance and singing as Freddy Eynsford-Hill in ‘My Fair Lady’.

Along with the 7 members of this group joining Cayla to sing three songs, Theresa and Marina Papais will team up with her as a trio for one song.  To add to the challenge, they are rehearsing these songs “on their own” – the only collaboration they are having with Cayla Brooke is by email!  They will not actually have a chance to rehearse with her “live” until just hours before the actual performance!  However, they are all excited and eager to take on this project and no doubt will impress and make us all very proud (again!).

“Eva Cassidy: How Can I Keep From Singing” will be presented at the Crossroads Pentecostal Assembly, 1551 Stage Road, Cache Creek on April 05th at 7:00 pm

Look here for more information about this outstanding performance.


Local vocal ensemble to join Cayla Brooke during “Eva Cassidy” tribute show. Back row L. to R. : Jim Mertel, Dan Collet, Kirk Watson Front row L. to R. : Gerald Young, Marina Papais, Theresa Tacaks, Pamela Ainge