The Winding Rivers Arts and Performance Society values, promotes and supports the Arts by providing programs and events for the benefit of our communities.

The Winding Rivers Arts and Performance Society (WRAPS) is a registered charitable organization comprised of volunteers who are dedicated to the promotion of the arts in our local communities of Ashcroft, Cache Creek, Spences Bridge, Walhachin, Lytton and Lillooet. Our endeavors include an annual concert series, music in the park, theatrical presentations and workshops, as well as assisting groups from the greater cultural community throughout the area. We strive to promote visionary thinking, professional development and resource sharing which will create sustainable arts and culture programming, develop audiences and deliver positive economic outcomes to our region. We are a member of the British Columbia Arts Council and the BC Touring Council.

The following is an excerpt from a recent informational document created by WRAPS:

“Community Engagement

WRAPS’s presentations in Ashcroft, with our theatre productions and workshops, visual arts programs, and kids’ camps, provide almost all the cultural activities in Ashcroft/Cache Creek – the others are provided by our partners, The Sage Sound Singers and The Desert Bells Handbell Choir. We produce our Canada Day celebrations, and music and entertainment for our Wellness Festival and participated in the Fall Fair. We are active in our schools and most of our performers do a school presentation. We provide much-needed support to local artists. Our “Plein Air Paint Out” is in its fifth year, and should bring about fifty artists to town for three days of painting this fall. Our community theatre programs engage a lot of people – we pick shows with large casts and costume and other support opportunities, and we consistently have full houses at our performances. Most recently our production of “My Fair Lady” in November 2015 absorbed the talents and labor of more than 60 cast and crew members and resulted in a 6 show run and filled to capacity every night the school gymnasium that was magically turned into turn-of-the-20th-century London.

WRAPS makes the arts and culture heartbeat in Ashcroft. We are beginning to work with other communities. We want to enhance entertainment opportunities on local reserves. We have basic technical infrastructure to take our shows on the road, and we will begin in 2015 to reach out across the region with programming and support for local productions. By 2015/2016, we hope to have region-wide arts and culture programming for all our little communities.”

**Winding Rivers Arts and Performance Society (WRAPS) is a non-profit society incorporated under the Societies Act of British Columbia to advance the performing and visual arts in the southern interior region of British Columbia, Canada.This WRAPS website provides information and announcements about public and private events, including artistic, musical and theatrical events, produced solely by WRAPS or in collaboration with other arts societies, groups or individuals. WRAPS also as a community service provides at no charge space on this website for announcements and notices about events and activities in which WRAPS has no involvement. Such announcements and notices are provided solely for the information of our communities, readers and WRAPS members, and do not imply that WRAPS itself is involved in, approves of or actively promotes the related events or activities.**

A flock of Fairies from the WRAPS Community Theater production of “Midsummer Night Midterm”

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