WRAPS presents the 2016 Concert Series

Cayla Brooke and Tom Pickett present “Eva Cassidy: How Can I Keep From Singing”.

As the warm and brilliant after-glow of the enormously successful presentation of “My Fair Lady” begins to fade, we who were so intensely involved with that complex production for so many months are feeling both relief and sadness that this monumental and (local) history-making endeavor has come to an end. We now look forward to a well deserved rest and to spending our time and energy with our friends and loved ones during the upcoming holiday season. Yet the fun just never ends, for just over the horizon there will appear another great season of live music performances, artistic events and (perhaps) more theater in the coming year!

Sarah Hagens - Pianist Extraordinaire visits Ashcroft in May
Sarah Hagens – Pianist Extraordinaire visits Ashcroft in May

And make no mistake – there is lots of great entertainment being queued up for the 2016 winter and spring season including a rollicking 7 piece folk/rock band (The Nautical Miles); a musical-theater style tribute to an incredible vocal stylist (Eva Cassidy – How Can I Keep From Singing); a superb and inspirational presentation of beautiful music performed on Celtic Harp and cello (Crimson Rich Duo) and a virtuoso performance of classical piano music by award winning artist Sarah Hagen.


The Crimson Rich Duo featuring Celtic Harpist Caroline MacKay.
The Crimson Rich Duo featuring Celtic Harpist Caroline MacKay.

WRAPS will also be reaching out to the citizens of Cache Creek by hosting two of these events in their town. WRAPS has entered into an agreement with the Elders and congregation of the Crossroads Pentecostal Church to present two musical shows in their wonderful facility. For those who have not been in this building, it is an ideal venue for presenting music and artistic performances – with a large stage, stage lighting, musicians green room, an overhead AV display, and 32 channel sound board along with seating for up to 300 souls, a large kitchen/dining area and spacious lobby.

We are absolutely stoked about the upcoming play and the Winding Rivers Concert Series. Please check out this website (www.windingriversarts.ca) and our Facebook page for more information. As Eliza Doolittle would say – it will be loverly!

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