My Fair Lady in “Italian”??

Last evening saw the cast and crew go through a full run-through of the play in “Italian”.

This is theater jargon for the method of speaking all the lines of dialogue as quickly as possible in order to allow the techical crew (lights, audio and scene set changers) to fine tune those various aspects of the presentation. (Don’t worry – the show will be presented in English). As you can well imagine it made for some frantic and sometimes hilarious exchanges on stage.

If there ever existed a “Point of No Return” in the presentation of the WRAPS Community Theater production of “My Fair Lady” we are definitely at it!

After being away from the country for 10 days I was absolutely astounded on my return by the amount of work that had been accomplished in my absence. The stage sets look fantastic, the actors have nailed their lines and stage direction and the music and singing has gone from merely really good to extraordinary. Witnessing the steady evolution and unfolding of this process has been fascinating. Much like the gentle nurturing of a beautiful flower we have been watching it grow from a simple idea to a full blown creation of beauty and granduer – and the fruits of which will be to share very soon with our friends and community.

Hyperbole? Perhaps. But you will have a chance to judge for yourselves. Opening night is Friday, November 20th, 7:00 pm at the Ashcroft HUB (formerly the Ashcroft Elementary School) 411 Hill Street in Ashcroft. Admission is by donation. There will be snacks and beverages served during the intermission – also by donation.

For more information about the showing times of My Fair Lady please check the Winding Rivers Arts and Performance Society web page and our Facebook page. Also look for the beautiful posters set up around our towns.