Meet the Cast of “My Fair Lady”

In late April and May WRAPS hosted a series of open auditions to select the cast for it’s upcoming community theater project “My Fair Lady”. There was a wonderful turnout of eager and talented contenders for the almost 40 separate acting and singing roles the production calls for. Since we were unable to fill each role with separate actors many of the successful auditioners will be doing double duty by playing two different roles! Now that is enthusiam and committment!

Those of you who have seen previous WRAPS theater productions may recognize many of the names appearing on the roster. “Veteran” actors such as John Kidder (Midsummer Nights Midterm, Switching Principles), Nancy Duchaine (Switching Principles), Jim Mclean (Midsummer Night Midterm, Swamp Pirate Zombies), Jan Schmitz (Swamp Pirate Zombies, Midsummer Night Midterm), Connie Walkem (Switching Principles, Midsummer Night Midterm), Barb Roden (Swamp Pirate Zombies, Midsummer Night Midterm, Switching Principles), Andrea Bona (Swamp Pirate Zombies, Midsummer Night Midterm, Switching Principles) and the wonderful Jean Burgess (whose performance as “Puck” in Midsummer Night Midterm stole the show!) all return to lend their talents to another challenging yet exciting theater production.

WRAPS is happy to also welcome a number of new faces to our local stage – all with varying degrees of theater and performing experience. And since this IS a musical after all, we are especially thrilled with the inclusion of many members of the Sage Sound Singers Choir! Dave Gory, Kevin and Linda Lennox, Dan Collet and Marina Papais, Sharon Ambler, Kathleen Gunn, Pamela Ainge, Kirk Watson and Theresa Takacs – all will be lending their wonderful singing voices to make this show especially magical. We also welcome from Kamloops Mr. Gerald Young as Freddy Eynsford-Hill. And making sure all the voices come together in perfect harmony is Michelle Reid as the plays Musical Director.

We also are thrilled to have a number of young people join the cast! Many of them are already amongst the ranks of the “veterans” of local community theater productions. We all remember the great performances of the young “McLean Gang” – Cecelia, Vivian and Lieth – as well as Oriana Dubois. New youngsters appearing on stage in various roles will be Matthias Sampson, Jacob Aie and Sequoya Wiebe.

And of course, the Director of this WRAPS Theater presentation will be the fantastically talented Mavourneen Varcoe-Ryan, whose skill, leadership and experience has been the guiding force behind the success of all of the past community plays that the residents of the Ashcroft/Cache Creek area have enjoyed over the years. We know this production is in good hands.

The Winding Rivers Arts and Performance Society sends extends a warm and sincere THANK YOU to all the people who turned out for the auditions. The entire onstage roster for the WRAPS Theater production of My Fair Lady is listed below. Please stay tuned to this website and our Facebook page for more news and announcements!


  • NANCY DUCHAINE Eliza Doolittle
  • JOHN KIDDER – Professor Henry Higgins
    JIM McLEAN – Colonel Pickering
  • JAN SCHMITZ  – Alfred P. Doolittle
    GERALD YOUNG – Freddy Eynsford-Hill
  • JEAN BURGESS – Mrs. Eynsford-Hill
    BARBARA RODEN – Mrs. Pearce
  • KEVIN LENNOX – Harry / servant
    DANIEL COLLET – Jamie / servant
  • DAVID DUBOIS – Karpathy / bartender
    DAVID GORY – Cockney quartet
  • ORIANA DUBOIS – Cockney quartet
    KIRK WATSON – Cockney quartet / Selsey man
  • ANDREA BONA – Cockney quartet / Hoxton man
    CECELIA McLEAN – Ms. Hopkins
  • MELADEE SYTNICK – Mrs. Higgins
    CONNIE WALKEM – Lady Boxington
  • VIVIAN McLEAN – Flower girl
    PAMELA AINGE – Maid / servant
  • THERESA TAKACS – Maid / servant
    JANIKA THUR – Maid (Mrs. Higgins)
  • LEITH McLEAN – Butler / Charles
    MARINA PAPAIS – Servant
  • SHARON AMBLER – Servant
    LINDA LENNOX – Servant
  • KATHLEEN GUNN – Servant
    MATTHIAS SAMPSON – Footman (Higgins house / Embassy)
  • JACOB AIE – Footman (Embassy)
    SEQUOYA WIEBE – Flower girl