“The Canada Show” – will be now be indoors at the HUB

We are all excited about the presentation of “The Canada Show” on June 30th. This 3 person comedic farce tells the complete history of Canada in just one hour! How can they do that? Well,  I guess if you are telling the story of the unfolding of our fair country from its “founding” (by that meaning when the Europeans found it) to its 150th year of being the coolest place on earth, and you leave out all the boring stuff, it seems it would only take an hour to tell!

But what a wonderful hour it will be – filled with fun and laughter and merriment and song and dancing beavers! How much more Canadian can you get than that, eh??

However we must announce that there will be a change of venue for the show (sorta). We had originally hoped to present The Canada Show outdoors on the landing beside the HUB soccer field, but due to technical issues we must show the performance inside the HUB gymnasium.

Unfortunately we learned of the need to bring the show inside after we had put out the cool looking posters you will see around town advising everyone to bring a lawn chair. Ignore that! We will provide the seating – all part and parcel of the price of admission!

TICKETS: Speaking of the price of admission – advance tickets ($15 Canadian or something like $876 US*) will be for sale at our usual wonderfully supportive local businesses:

  • The Jade Shoppe – Cache Creek
  • The Ashcroft Bakery
  • The Unitea Tea House – Ashcroft

Note: Tickets at the door are $20 Canadian (or $1369 US give or take*)


So let us review shall we?:

  • Location – The HUB Theater (gymnasium) – 711 Hill Street, Ashcroft
  • Date – June 30th
  • Time – 7:00 pm (doors open 6:30)
  • Tickets – $20 at the door or $15 advance.

This is going to be a historically hysterical evening of entertainment! See you there!

(* I believe that the reason there is such a disparity betwixt the Canadian and American dollar is because the US currency is non-metric).