WRAPS Survey

The Winding Rivers Arts and Performance Society continually strives to bring the best arts, music, theater and cultural events to the communities of the Thompson River region, and you (the members of these communities) have been wonderful in your support and appreciation of our efforts. In the past we have presented live musical performances and performers from both near and far representing truly eclectic and varied genres. We have also enjoyed supporting the work of our local visual artists, promoting and encouraging youth to explore the arts in their own way through our Kids Camps; and have presented several well recieved plays and theater productions.

Now, as we are busily planning for our next season(s) of fun and entertainment we are asking YOU for guidance! What types of live music and entertainment or other cultural and artistic events would you like to see and support? Are you a fan of country and western music? How about jazz? Or is good old rock’n’roll your thing?

What sorts of theater productions would you like to see? How about comedies? Would you like to take part in an audience interactive murder mystery? How about a musical?? Do you enjoy improvisational comedy? Are you keen on seeing more of the artwork of our many tremendously talented local artists and painters?

Now is you opportunity to have a say in what your local arts society presents for the upcoming seasons(s). Please take a minute or two to take our survey (don’t worry – it is completely anonymous – no strings attached – no one is going to call you or ask you for money!). Your imput is very important to us in order for us to make decisions based on what our community – our friends and neighbors – are interested in and wish to support.

So please click the link below and be a part of the process. We will appreciate it immensely!


Thank you from the Directors and members of WRAPS

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