Thank you all for the success of My Fair Lady!

The Winding Rivers Arts and Performance Society would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the area residents who showed such phenomenal support for our recent production of My Fair Lady. Some 60 people made the production a reality, volunteering their talents and thousands of hours of their time. The cast had to learn their lines, but couldn’t have done it without the huge support of those backstage working in set design, construction, lighting, sound, costumes, props, and much more. But it would have been for nothing if the audience members—who came from far and wide—hadn’t shown, in overwhelming numbers night after night, that it was appreciated, enjoyed, and valued. Thank you! This encourages us to reach ever higher in the future!

Barbara Roden

President, WRAPS

“Fantastically Successful!” a review of My Fair Lady

“Fantastically Successful!” a review of My Fair Lady

The music of Frederick Loewe remains in your head for years. Let’s face it, it is unforgettable. When you adapt it in […]

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